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Examination Services Available

Comprehensive Eye Exams are available for patients of all ages, including children.

We also provide medical diagnosis and treatments of the eyes

Medical Diagnosis and Treatment:

Cataracts: We can diagnose and follow cataracts, refer for surgery when ready, and provide post op care if desired.

Glaucoma: We have testing available to diagnose and monitor glaucoma. Dr. Steve is licensed to prescribe and treat glaucoma.

Macular Degeneration: We have testing available to diagnose and monitor macular degeneration, and refer to a specialist when necessary.

Diabetics: We have testing available to monitor diabetics for retinopathy.

Other Services: We can open blocked tear ducts, if you have excess tearing.
                            We can insert plugs in the tear ducts of people with extreme dryness.
                            We can prescribe medications like Restasis for dry eye, or prescription allergy eye drops.

Emergency eyecare:

Red eyes, pink eye, and eye infections: Dr.Steve is licensed to prescribe antibiotics and other medications.

Ocular foreign bodies: Dr. Steve can remove objects from the eye, using ocular anesthetic drops, and prescribe medications to treat the injury.

Floaters and flashing lights: Dr. Steve can dilate your eyes to rule out retinal detachments.

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