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Visual Field Analyzer

Normal Field

The visual field evaluates your peripheral vision. White areas indicate good peripheral vision. Dark areas indicate defective vision. In this normal field, the black spot represents the blind spot, which is present in everyone's visual field. The blind spot corresponds to your optic nerve head, an area of the retina that does not have any visual receptors.

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Moderate Glaucoma

Glaucoma causes a gradual loss of peripheral vision, which is usually undetected by a patient until it is too late. Routine eye examinations can detect this condition before serious loss of vision occurs. Glaucoma is easily treated with eye drops or surgical procedures. This is an example of moderate glaucoma.

Advanced Glaucoma

Two differents examples of advanced glaucoma

Brain Tumor

Visual fields can also be used to detect certain neurological conditions. This patient had a brain tumor causing a left homonomous hemianopsia. This is a devastating vision loss, because he is missing the left side of both eyes.

Pituitary Adenoma

A tumor of the pituitary gland will affect the optic chiasm, which produces this unique visual field defect called a heteranonamous hemianopsia.

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